About Me

My name is TerryAnn.  I love teddy bears. Some even call it an obsession. Thus, I have been nicknamed "BearyAnn".  Seemed appropriate, so I go with it.

I like the teddy bear because I feel it represents 'childlike faith'.  If an artist wants to convey a child's room or child having been there, a teddy bear is often included in the picture. Even as adults, we collect teddy bears as reminders of the child in each of us.

Christ calls us to 'come to me like a child'.  We must trust him as child trusts - wholly.

I started sharing teddy bears under the name of "Bear Witness" as an encouragement for others and a simple way to show the love of Christ. When you feel alone, look on this bear and be reminded that you received it from someone who cares for you, and is praying for you and is offering you this bear to represent Christ.

Along the way I renewed by interest in knitting and crochet. Many of my projects are teddy bears, go figure. But I make many items. Some I give away, some I sell. You can see some of these online. I also contribute some small bears and baby items to my church which delivers them to local hospitals.

To continue in my desire to "Bear Witness" I am now a Christian Life Coach.  I work with women who are in a healthy place mentally (not in need of counseling) but need help, support and encouragement to move forward from where they are now to where they and Christ want them to be.

I am an encourager at heart and all these methods are ways of encouraging and sharing Christ's love in simple ways.


Reed and TerryAnn

Married 15 years, my husband learned of my teddy bear love early on, still he loved me, married me and even now contributes by adding to my teddy bear collection.

He encourages me to use my gifts to share Christ's love and to 'Bear Witness' to all we meet.