I am here to "Bear Witness" of Christ

I love the words "bear witness". My mind immediately goes to the lovable teddy bear. I have been nicknamed BearyAnn because of my fasination with these cuddly creatures. They remind me to "come to Christ like a child". What better reference to a child like faith than the teddy bear. So from the teddy bear springs my love and dedication to "bear withess of Christ".

With this same faith, I "bear witness" in various ways.

Bearing Witness through Life Coaching.

I am currently studying for certification with the ICF (International Coach Federation) through PCCI (Professional Christian Coaching Institute). I am now accepting women as clients who are in a good place in their lives but desire to explore and strive to move from where they are now in life to a place where they and God desire them to be.

If you are a woman in transition, desiring to reinvent yourself click here.

Bearing Witness through crafts.

I enjoy crafts of all kinds and share many different projects and ideas for you and your family on a personal website titled BearyAnn.

You can see these project at BearyAnn dot com.

Bearing Witness through Bible Study.

I have written 2 Knit and Crochet Bible Studies and hope to publish a 3rd one soon.

Gather with your friends, yarn and knit or crochet supplies to work on your own projects or on shared projects. Read a short story from the bible study and discuss with your group how Christ can be found in everyday events, even knitting and crochet.

You can see more at Knit and Crochet Bible Study dot com.